Franklin High School Educational Foundation

About Our Scholarships

Since 1962, the Franklin Educational Foundation has provided scholarships that have helped thousands of Franklin students achieve their dream of a college education. The scholarship funds come from our donors who affirm that a higher education should be available to high-achieving students regardless of their financial limitations.
Each year, as our foundation has become financially stronger, we have continued to increase our awards to give larger awards to more students. 2015 was a landmark year for the Foundation — the first year that the amount of our awards exceeded $150,000. We awarded scholarships to 130 college-bound students in the total amount of $152,000.
The qualifications for Foundation scholarships are rigorous. Applications are evaluated as follows: 40% based on GPA, 40% based on financial need, and 20% based on demonstrated leadership and involvement in school and community activities.
The awards range from $900 to $1,600 for all students except the three top selected students, who receive The Tenner/Wright Award in the amount of $9,600 spread over the four years the recipients remain enrolled in college.