Franklin High School Educational Foundation


Currently residing in Australia, Panther Louise Woo says, “You never know where life might take you, but with a good education you can go everywhere.” We love that! She made a donation in honor of Mr. Don Palus saying, “Mr. Palus was one of my most influential teachers. So glad to see a scholarship in his honor!”

Louise sent us a wonderful email, which we would like to share with you:

I’m very pleased to be the first PayPal donor to FEF. I’m a little surprised FEF hasn’t gone digital sooner. You know there are quite a few expat alums from the 1970s classes?

We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dr. Carole Gee (‘77) who’s coming to Oz from Bonn (Germany) for a paleontology academic conference. We’re flying west to meet her in Perth and take a week long road trip up to Shark Bay so she can collect some stromatolite samples.

Earlier this year, we stopped in for a visit with Ken Blakely (‘76) and family in Tokyo. Kenny’s been in Japan, running a small English language school for more than 20 years. We sometimes see Louise Haynes (‘76) in Nagoya when we’re in Japan too. She’s a university professor there.

I’ve been in Australia since 2014, but plan to return to the US in 2020. We’re just here to help out my partner’s elderly parents. It’s a long story how I got here, because my life and career has been a winding road. I have degrees from Berkeley and Cal Poly Pomona in Environmental Biology, Journalism and Hospitality Management. I’ve been a print journalist (remember newspapers?), run a family architecture business and now do some property management.

You never know where life might take you, but with a good education you can go everywhere. Thanks for supporting the students at Franklin High School! Kids need a good start more than ever.

Enclosed is a photo from yesterday’s global school strike for climate. We were 100,000 strong in Melbourne.  There’s no time left to wait.

Best regards,

Louise Woo – FHS ‘77